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Breakfast Club & After School Club at Pixie Magic Kids

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Breakfast Club & After School Club

Our after school Club Program creates a place for children to come outside of school hours

We at Pixie Magic Kids understand the struggles of the working parent, and therefore, you can count on us to provide a safe, engaging, and educational environment for your child’s needs before and after school.

From our Breakfast and After School clubs, parents can expect:

  • Age-appropriate activities – Our clubs are designed with school-aged students in mind. We offer the children in our breakfast and after school clubs socialization opportunities, along with homework assistance, books, music and technology.
  • Safe School Drop offs/ Pick ups – We provide transportation to some schools through regulatory-checked and approved Cars/buses.
  • Comfortable facilities – We have accessible toilet facilities, Large garden space, separate playgrounds, comfortable floor plans, and nutritious hot meals.


Our Breakfast and After School clubs have a variety of engaging activities, Musical instruments and technology, allowing children to make choices based on their unique personal interests. Activities initiated by the child reinforce learning, development, and growth.

To learn more about our Breakfast and After School clubs or to schedule a visit, please Click  Here